Frequently Asked Questions


What subscription quantities are available?

BookPage subscriptions are available in increments of 50 copies (50 copies per month is the minimum subscription quantity). Subscribers receive price breaks at 100, 500 and 1,000 copies. Every subscription includes shipping to a single location. Click here to view a complete pricing breakdown.

What if the minimum quantity of 50 copies per month is too many for my small library/bookstore?

Many subscribing libraries and bookstores share their subscription with neighboring libraries and bookstores. Expand your reach by stickering or stamping copies of BookPage with your logo, name and address, then deliver it to book clubs, community centers, K-12 schools or colleges, senior centers or anywhere book lovers gather in your community. It’s a great way to promote your library/bookstore!


​​How will my subscription be billed? How can I pay for my subscription?

BookPage subscriptions can be billed monthly or annually. You will receive a complimentary acrylic display case with the inception of an annually billed subscription (a $65 value). If your subscription is billed monthly and you would like to switch to annual billing in order to receive a free display case, please contact us.

BookPage invoices can be paid via check or credit card. Invoices can be emailed or mailed. Emailed invoices include a link to a secure payment portal.


Can I change my quantity mid-subscription?

Yes! Just contact and we’ll be glad to help you. If you are billed annually and you’d like to increase your subscription quantity, we’ll send you a prorated invoice for the remaining months of your subscription. If you’d like to decrease your subscription quantity, we’ll apply a credit to your next annual renewal. Subscriptions billed monthly will be adjusted on the next billing cycle.


Can BookPage subscriptions be divided among multiple locations?

Complimentary shipping to a single location is included with each BookPage subscription. Library systems and bookstores with multiple locations are welcome to internally distribute copies of BookPage among their branches and stores. BookPage offers drop-shipping directly to multiple branches within a library system or multiple bookstore locations with a single billing address for additional boxing and drop-shipment fees. Contact for more information about this option.


How can I find out when my subscription is up for renewal?



​Are single-copy subscriptions available?

Yes, single-copy subscriptions are $40​ per year (12 issues). Subscribe here.


When should I expect my issues to be delivered each month?

Issues typically arrive in the last 7-10 days of the month. If your store or library has not received the new issue by the first of the month, please contact so we can quickly look into and resolve the problem and have the issue available for patrons as soon as possible.


Are additional or replacement display cases available for purchase?

We provide one complimentary, branded acrylic display case to a library or store that first signs up for an annual subscription. Additional or replacement displays are available for $65 (includes shipping). Email if interested in purchasing a display case.


What additional tools and resources are included with my BookPage subscription?

Your BookPage subscription includes so much more than a magazine! Every month, BookPage offers great tools and resources you can use to improve your workflow and engage your customers, including:

  • Advance Title List

  • Social Media Content Kit

  • Social media image gallery

  • New issue poster 

All of this is available through our complimentary Subscriber Resource Center.

What are some best practices and advice to ensure BookPage subscription success?

It’s easy to make the most of your BookPage subscription. To ensure that customers can always find the new issue of BookPage, be sure to display your copies in high-traffic areas such as circulation desks and registers. Consider including a copy of BookPage with every checkout, or bundling copies with curbside pickups and online orders.


However, BookPage isn’t just for customers. Whether you work in a library or a bookstore, use our Advance Title List to anticipate demand and simplify collection development and ordering. Available approximately four weeks before each new issue of BookPage, the Advance Title List ensures you’ll have the most in-demand titles on your shelves when customers want to read them.

How many bookstores and libraries subscribe to BookPage?

More than 3,300 public libraries, independent bookstores and Books-a-Million locations subscribe to BookPage for their customers and staff. You can find BookPage in 48 states—see the full list of locations here


How are the editions of BookPage available in bookstores, libraries and Books-A-Million different?
BookPage publishes three editions of each issue. All three contain the same great content, with minor customizations mainly to the front and back covers.


What is BookPage’s editorial policy?
BookPage is a recommendation guide for new books. Each month, our editors evaluate and curate reviews of the best books in a variety of categories. BookPage is editorially independent; only books we highly recommend are featured. Any publisher-sponsored content is clearly labeled as such. See our Editorial Calendar here.


What do the stars next to some of your reviews mean?

Stars are assigned by BookPage editors to indicate titles that are exceptionally executed in their genre or category.


Who writes BookPage reviews?
The BookPage editors commission reviews from a roster of freelance writers.